Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reflecting on when the Beatles pondered being 64

I haven't written anything new on this blog for some time. I think I will start again for those few people that have read it.

In the last few months I've been working on a couple of scripts, and done a few lectures one of which I'll post in the next few weeks on film scoring.

Over this year I have reflected on my approaching 64th birthday, and when I first heard the Sgt. Pepper album and heard John and Paul wonder if someone would love them when they were 64. That was an interesting time for me as I was engineering and producing Prufrock and dating a very cool girl who lived in Montecito. We would talk on her couch about what life would hold on the journey to 64. I was sure Prufrock and music would be mine. She was still pondering where she might go. Prufrock went no where until 40 years later. http://www.prufrock67.com/ but I did do music. I sometimes wonder how her journey fared.

So many people of my distant past have found me. I am always amazed by what they have done with their lives.

And so I invite those who stumble across this blog and wants to say hi, please send a "be my friend" note via my facebook .

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